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New Chapel Now Open at UPMC Presbyterian

by Amy Ashbridge 1 Comment

After months of construction, the new UPMC Presbyterian Interfaith Chapel opened in mid-March — just in time for spring, a time of reflection and transition for many faiths. This space is representative of a wide range of faiths and beliefs, and is open 24 hours a day for quiet reflection and prayer.

The new chapel is located on the 11th floor of UPMC Presbyterian.

You can learn more about our Office of Pastoral Care and the services offered here


One Response to New Chapel Now Open at UPMC Presbyterian

  1. Kathleen McClintock says:

    On Wednesday the 1st of November, just before noon, I stepped into the chapel on the 11th floor of UPMC, for the same reason that most people, I’m sure, seek that quiet refuge. Shortly thereafter two other people entered, and then a Catholic clergyman and another female . He began a casual conversation which shortly became a sermon, and then he offered personal prayers to those in attendance, beginning with the woman seated next to me, who accepted his attention and responded accordingly. When I was offered the same comfort, I politely declined. The priest then moved onto the next individual, a man, who also accepted his offer of prayer. The clergyman immediately launched into a story of a ‘wealthy snobbish man’ who refused prayers for his wife, who then died for lack of prayer.

    So much for my comfort and refuge.

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