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UPMC Financial Results Show Newly Competitive, Balanced Health Insurance Market in Western Pa.


Presby1UPMC reports continued strong financial results for the first half of fiscal year 2016, including significant growth in insurance services, helping to further increase choice and competition to benefit the region’s businesses and consumers.

“In 2016, UPMC is celebrating the twentieth anniversary of the establishment of our insurance services division,” said Robert A. DeMichiei, UPMC executive vice president and chief financial officer. “As perhaps the nation’s most successful provider-led integrated delivery system, UPMC is able to deliver high-quality, cost-efficient patient care while creating a dynamic, competitive health insurance marketplace for the region.”

“Western Pennsylvania has transformed over the past several years from one of the most highly concentrated, least competitive insurance markets in the nation to one of the most competitive insurance markets,” said Diane P. Holder, UPMC executive vice president and president, UPMC Insurance Services Division. “That is good news for consumers and businesses as they now enjoy some of the lowest insurance costs in the nation.” (more…)

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UPMC Athletic Trainers Receive Sports Safety Award

TrainersSeveral UPMC athletic trainers were honored recently with the National Athletic Trainers’ Association’s  “Safe Schools” Award.

The award recognizes secondary schools that provide safe environments for student athletes through proper equipment, facilities, and injury prevention techniques, among other criteria.

The on-site licensed athletic trainers –  Jessica Falvo, Tonya McKenzie, Nick Henry, Mick Koyack, Brandon Mazza, and Gaetano Sanchioli – are contracted through UPMC Sports Medicine.  They work to provide quality, state-of-the-art methods for the prevention of injuries, outstanding care, treatment and rehabilitation of injuries.


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Wisdom Teeth May Hold Cure for Corneal Blindness

ThinkstockPhotos-480050871Corneal blindness affects millions worldwide. To date, the only treatment available is a corneal transplant. But potential new cures are coming from unexpected places—including wisdom teeth!

A husband-and-wife team at the University of Pittsburgh has been working toward the dream of regrowing new corneal tissue for years—that’s Jim Funderburgh, a professor of ophthalmology, and Martha Funderburgh, a research assistant in his lab and a corneal transplant recipient herself.

Working with Sayan Basu, a physician-scientist in Hyderabad, India, and Fatima Syed-Picard, a Pitt postdoc-turned NIH award recipient, the Funderburghs are now developing ways to repair corneal damage—and even prevent corneal scarring from happening in the first place. It turns out that adult stem cells taken from our own eyes and teeth are capable of regenerating this tissue so vital to our focusing power.

Check out the latest Pitt Medcast about this that was inspired by a story from the Spring 2015 issue of Pitt Med magazine.

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#RTtoReThink with Antonio Brown to Spread Awareness About Concussions

ABWhile the experts at the UPMC Sports Medicine Concussion Program continue to research and develop new ways to diagnose concussions, there are still misconceptions that permeate the public discussion.

So how do we help spread the word about these misconceptions? Let’s take a page from star wide receiver, Antonio Brown, and Retweet to ReThink!

Retweet to ReThink will use #RTtoReThink to spread the word via social media about concussions as a treatable injury, if in the right hands. (more…)

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Alyssa’s Story: Young Patient Returns to Gymnastics After Complicated Leg Injury

Alyssa Collins was just 11 years old when she suffered a devastating leg injury that caused a rare, painful condition requiring multiple surgeries. Volker Musahl, M.D., led the UPMC Sports Medicine team that helped a very determined patient return to gymnastics.   Watch the video above to learn more about Alyssa’s story and then watch WPXI’s story about her.

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