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Doctors Warn To Avoid Social Trend of “Sunburn Art”

A hashtag getting attention on social media is also a growing cause for concern among doctors. Using the phrase #SunburnArt, people are posting online photos of their sunburned skin with designs of flowers, logos or other artwork appearing on areas that had been covered from the sun.

The result is a kind of temporary tattoo that doctors warn could lead to permanent damage. (more…)

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UPMC Patient Celebrates “Cancerversary” by Giving Back to Young Families


In March 2013, Alana Kulesa was 38 years old and training for the Pittsburgh Marathon with the support of her husband Kevin and her children, son Niko and daughter Vivian, who were eight and three at the time. On March 11, she went for a routine visit with OB-GYN Preeti Divekar, M.D., and heard words she never expected to hear during her examination: “Alana, have we felt this before?  I’d like you to get a mammogram immediately.” Upon reviewing the images from the mammogram, the radiologist identified three suspicious masses that were confirmed to be malignant after further testing. (more…)

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Pittsburghers Fight Sarcoma: the “Forgotten Cancer”

About 14,000 new patients in the U.S. are diagnosed each year with sarcoma, a cancer of the bones and connective tissues. Though it is a relatively rare cancer, sarcoma impacts patients of all ages and backgrounds. Sarcoma researchers receive less than 1 percent of the total funds allocated to cancer research each year, which prompted the establishment of the Pittsburgh Cure Sarcoma (PCS) 5K Run/Walk in 2011.

This Saturday marks the fifth annual PCS 5K, and the goals of the event are the same: to raise funds for sarcoma research and to raise awareness of this “forgotten cancer” by uniting those who are passionate about finding a cure for the disease. (more…)

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Sudden Menopause after Hysterectomy Still Overlooked

I was stunned when my 48 year-old friend Anna called to tell me she was having a “total hysterectomy in five days.” After talking to her extensively about the reason for the surgery and all of her options, I asked what the doctor’s plan was for controlling the inevitable symptoms of sudden menopause. After an uncomfortable silence, Anna replied, “You mean I will go through menopause because of the surgery?” (more…)

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Patients, Patience Along for Team PH Hope Ride in Race Across the West

For its second act, the UPMC-sponsored Team PHenomenal Hope – founded and captained by pulmonologist Patty George, M.D. – spent a week doing this: cycling 860 miles through 115-degree heat one day and 106-degree heat the next; pedaling up mountains that climbed gradually to 7,000 feet; patching a flat tire; pushing back onto the road a follow vehicle that got stuck with one wheel in the air; . . . and raising more awareness and research funds for pulmonary hypertension. (more…)

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