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Experts Share Latest Research at San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium

The success of breast cancer awareness campaigns over the last thirty years constitutes one of the greatest women’s health achievements in recent history.  While October can particularly feel abundant in opportunities to support breast cancer research, more people than ever before “think pink” all year long, and breast cancer researchers have made great strides in understanding the disease, thanks in no small part to the funding we receive from groups like Susan G. Komen for the Cure, Fashion Footwear of New York, Glimmer of Hope and the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.  Breast cancer has, in fact, become such a recognizable part of our everyday health language that it is easy to forget it’s a disease with a wide variety of subtypes, and while we know more about it than at any time in our history, there is still a lot we don’t understand. (more…)

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Flu Vaccine Still Important, Despite ‘Drift’ of This Season’s Dominant Strain

It sounds counter-intuitive, but the recent U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announcement that this season’s dominant flu strain may not be a good match to the influenza vaccine is even more reason to get the flu shot, UPMC doctors say.

And this week – coincidentally National Influenza Vaccination Week – is prime time for those who haven’t rolled up their sleeves to get immunized, since it’s shaping up to be an early flu season. (more…)

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UPMC Surgeons Perform Surgery Broadcast to Russia


When Herbert Zeh, M.D., and Amer Zureikat, M.D., scrubbed up for surgery Monday at UPMC Presbyterian, a unique group was waiting to watch them. And they were thousands of miles away.

Drs. Zeh and Zureikat performed a robotic Whipple procedure—an advanced type of minimally invasive surgery– on a pancreatic cancer patient while surgeons at the Moscow Clinical Scientific Center in Russia watched a live broadcast. The next day, Dr. Zeh gave a lecture broadcast live to the 150 participants of the course. (more…)

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