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Experts Discuss Connection Between Design, Cancer at Art Museum Forum

We can all appreciate how the environment affects us. What we see, smell and feel translates into feelings and perceptions. Within buildings and institutions, we specifically consider the built environment. The built environment is a material, spatial and cultural product of human labor that combines physical elements and energy in forms for living, working and playing.

People with cancer face extreme mental and physical obstacles at diagnosis, during treatment, at survivorship, and at the end of life. The built environment where they experience their cancer journey is a central point, potentially influencing how they process their illness, their symptoms, and their support systems. (more…)

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‘Sleepless in America’ Documentary to Feature UPMC Experts

Everyone needs sleep, yet most of us are walking around with a serious sleep debt. In a 24/7, more-is-better culture, the pressure to always be on the go and do something is intense. It can be tough to unplug, unwind and adopt healthy behaviors.

But make no mistake: Long-term sleep deprivation can lead to serious medical conditions ranging from increased risk for psychiatric disorders, heart disease, cancer and relationship problems. Not to mention the fact that drowsy driving is associated with 5,000 or 6,000 fatal crashes each year. (more…)

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UPMC McKeesport Cleared to Provide Elective Angioplasty

UPMC McKeesport has joined UPMC East in receiving accreditation in 2014 from Accreditation for Cardiovascular Excellence (ACE), a national, independent organization that evaluates and monitors facilities that provide cardiac care. Coordinated with the Pennsylvania Department of Health (DOH), the accreditation enables the Heart and Vascular Institute at UPMC McKeesport to begin offering elective angioplasty, a procedure to clear blockages in the heart vessels. (more…)

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A Non-Traditional Path to Testing Young Black Men for HIV

When M. Reuel Friedman, Ph.D., was asked to improve the HIV testing rates among young black gay and  bisexual men and transgendered women in southwestern Pennsylvania, he realized it wasn’t as simple as offering clinics.

He’d have to build a community.

“If we just set up a storefront, a clinic to get tested, what’s the draw?” Dr. Friedman, assistant professor in the Department of Infectious Diseases and Microbiology at the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health asked a group of public health professionals during a talk Wednesday at the American Public Health Association’s annual meeting in New Orleans. (more…)

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Lending a Hand to Health by Loosening Up

In western Pennsylvania, a region with a very small and scattered Latin American population, Patricia Documét, M.D., Dr.P.H., discovered that if you want to forge community connections to improve health, it helps to loosen up.

And so a soccer game became part of the process of recruiting and retaining Latino immigrant men to serve as “promotores” who would go into the community and help other men like them get access to social and health services. (more…)

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