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What’s New in Flu?

Forecasting flu season can be as tricky as predicting a horse race.

You look for the most likely candidate to dominate the race, and that’s where you bet most of your money, sparing some for the potential second-  and third-place finishers.

Every year, world health officials look at existing flu strains and pick the ones they think are most likely to circulate in the coming season. And there’s a lot riding on it – vaccine manufacturers use those predictions in creating the vaccine for the coming flu season. (more…)

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In the News: Baseball, Smokeless Tobacco and Cancer

Earlier this year, baseball Hall of Famer Tony Gwynn died of salivary cancer at age 54, something he had attributed to his use of smokeless tobacco. Now another well-known former professional baseball player is coming forward to talk about his cancer and longtime use of chewing tobacco.

On Wednesday, former Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling said he was diagnosed earlier this year with squamous cell carcinoma, or cancer of the mouth. Schilling said the cancer was caught early, thanks to a lump in his throat, and that he has no doubt chewing tobacco played a role in his diagnosis. (more…)

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