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“Mind Your Health” This Month for Mental Awareness

May is Mental Health Awareness Month.  This year’s theme is “Mind Your Health,” in recognition of the importance of taking care of your mental health as a part of overall health.

“As we work together each day to provide and promote innovation in behavioral health care, we are reminded of our mission, calling, and spirit to serve others,” said Claudia Roth, Ph.D., president and CEO of Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic of  UPMC. “We provide treatment, care, and education, and we research the causes and treatments of mental illness. We give hope where there is none, a smile when a smile is what is needed, a tear when there are no more tears to shed, and support for each other and the people we serve when we need it most.” (more…)

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Celebration Brings Living Donors, Recipients Together

Bea Harris needed a kidney transplant, and her daughter, Belinda Taylor, was a perfect match. But Harris was hesitant to have her daughter make such a sacrifice, knowing the 36-year-old had a husband and two young children at home. But for Taylor, the choice was easy.

“You gave me life, and it has been a joy and honor in my life to give you that kidney back so that you can continue your life and watch your life continue to grow,” Taylor told her mom on Mother’s Day weekend as they gathered with other living donors and their recipients at UPMC’s annual Living Donor Celebration.  (more…)

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