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Angelina Jolie’s Message Important for African American Women

Last month, BRCA genetic mutations (BReast CAncer susceptibility genes) were highlighted in the media when actress Angelina Jolie revealed she had a prophylactic double mastectomy after testing positive for a genetic mutation.  Womenwith the BRCA genetic mutation have a higher risk of developing breast and ovarian cancer than the general population. BRCA is responsible for five to seven percent  of breast cancers and about 10 percent of ovarian cancers.

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Do Flip-Flops Fly As Sometime Summertime Wear?

Just last week, Old Navy stores nationwide created long lines and crazed consumers vying over sales tables of this $1 footwear. Warmer weather and the summertime vacation season prompts an annual burst of function over fashion, or fashionable yet mostly bare feet. It’s a subject that has fostered flaps over presidential-appearances, rows of dress shoes languishing in closets or under desks, and infinite wardrobe makeovers.

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