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UPMC Continues to Fight Back Against Pittsburgh Mayor’s Attack

Earlier this year UPMC took legal action against Mayor Luke Ravenstahl’s unprecedented and ill-founded attack on the health system’s tax-exempt status.

Today, UPMC filed an amended complaint to its lawsuit filed in federal court on April 19. In the amended complaint, UPMC seeks to rectify the Mayor’s and his co-conspirators’ (the City of Pittsburgh, SEIU-fronted “FairSharePittsburgh” and two unnamed John Does) unlawful abuse of the tax code to target UPMC.

“The Mayor’s blatant abuse of tax laws to singularly discriminate against UPMC is reminiscent of the IRS’s assault on the Tea Party and Nixon’s targeting of his political enemies,” said Paul Wood, vice president and chief communications officer.

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First-Of-Its-Kind Study Finds Youth Football Players Have Low Concussion Risk

Rick Young watched his 9-year-old son endure a helmet-to-helmet collision and a concussion in a youth football game three years ago. It motivated the father to become active in the concussion cause for their Peters Township Junior Football Association, helping to inaugurate organized baseline testing and procedures to try to reduce mild traumatic brain injuries in their children.

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National Cancer Survivors Day: Dispelling Disease Myths

Sunday marks National Cancer Survivors Day, a day set aside to celebrate those who have survived cancer and offer support to those who have been diagnosed with cancer. 

From the day of diagnosis, you are a cancer survivor.  Even though there are more than 13 million cancer survivors in the U.S. today, the perception of many survivors’ about cancer is still highly influenced by confusion, fear and false information. Here are some common myths: (more…)

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