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Elder Abuse Takes Many Forms, Often Goes Unreported

This Saturday marks the 8th annual World Elder Abuse Awareness Day. Just last week, UPMC experts participated in an event here in Pittsburgh, where the state of Pennsylvania highlighted their new elder abuse hotline.  Moreover, Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett has proclaimed June as Elder Abuse Awareness month, noting everyone in the state has a responsibility to protect the safety, health, dignity and rights of older adults through education and outreach. (more…)

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Australian Travels to UPMC for Relief from Facial Spasms

Nearly five years ago, Teri Cook felt some twitching in the bottom of her right eyelid that wouldn’t go away. What this 44-year-old from Perth, Australia, thought might be the side-effects of a strenuous weightlifting workout soon turned into a health nightmare. It would essentially rob her of many of the pleasures in her life—attending parties, reading, even going outside to bring in the mail—before sending her thousands of miles away to Pittsburgh for help at UPMC. (more…)

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How Getting More Sleep Can Help You Get Ahead

Earlier this month, media mogul Ariana Huffingtongave the commencement address to the class of 2013 at Smith College in Northampton, Mass. As is standard, commencement speakers provide life and career advice to graduates. Yet no one in the audience expected this unusual advice from Huffington: “You don’t get to the top by marrying someone. A much simpler way is to sleep your way to the top.”

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Can throat cancer really be caused by an STD?

There has been a good deal of news lately about whether or not Michael Douglas’s throat cancer was caused by oral sex. Human Papillomavirus (HPV) is a disease transmitted through normal sexual activity, according to the National Cancer Institute. HPV may cause warts or bumps on the skin and the lining of the mouth, throat, genitals, and anal area – although some people don’t experience any symptoms. A person’s immune system may even clear the virus without any treatment. In recent years, the medical community has learned that HPV can lead to cancer, including cervical cancer and throat cancer, in both men and women. Most individuals exposed to HPV will not contract HPV-induced cancer. (more…)

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