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In the News: What is Ricin?

Just days after explosions rocked the finish of the Boston Marathon, a letter sent to President Obama this week has tested positive for ricin, a toxin historically used as a biological weapon in some parts of the world. Law enforcement officials don’t know if there is any connection to the marathon bombings, but the packages have renewed interest in this biological terror agent.

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Robotics Week Showcases How Robots Can Help Disabled

More than a dozen Pittsburgh-area tech and business people gathered at Bakery Square recently to celebrate National Robotics Week with, among others: a Kitchenbot that unloads the dishwasher and makes dinner; the Personal Mobility and Manipulation Appliance (PerMMA) that contains robotic arms capable of unscrewing lids and other everyday chores; and the NAVISection that helps people to drive. (more…)

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