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Archive for February, 2013

Researchers Seek Public’s Help in Halting the Spread of Flu

With flu running rampant across many parts of the United States, a frequently asked question is, “How do you prevent the spread of flu among children?”

 Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh and the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health are currently investigating how the flu spreads in schools, based on how children interact with each other. And you can help by participating in a brief online survey – no matter your age – and be entered into a weekly drawing for an Amazon or iTunes gift card. (more…)

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In the News: What’s Mitochrondrial DNA?

To verify that the 528-year-old bones buried under a parking lot in Leicester, England, belonged to Richard III, archeologists decided to “follow the mommy”: the mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) the king’s mother passed along to her children and through the maternal line that descended from his sister. (more…)

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