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Keeping Operating Rooms Clean and Safe

A lot of work in hospitals goes on in places that patients never see. That’s true at UPMC Presbyterian’s Surgical Central Processing (SCP), where thousands of surgical instruments, case carts and related equipment are decontaminated and sterilized daily to handle the hospital’s busy surgical caseload. (more…)

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World AIDS Day 2012: Destigmatizing AIDS in Appalachia

The treatment and prevention of HIV/AIDS have come a long way in the 30 years since researchers first put a name to the obscure virus that left those infected with few options and virtually no hope for survival.

In the United States today, patients may have access to highly-effective drug regimens, coupled with ongoing prevention programs; however some challenges remain.  Healthcare professionals still face a difficult time getting sophisticated programs and treatments to underserved populations in rural areas. (more…)

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